How to Transcribe Video

We also know transcription is valuable because for years everybody did it even though it was a huge pain, or very expensive, or both. Transcribing manually from tape, or even from digital media, was a long, tedious process with a high margin of error.

These days technology has made it infinitely easier and less expensive to transcribe video. Transcription apps abound, as do online services that will provide reasonably accurate transcription for reasonable prices.

360Converter online service make transcribing video to text easier. You can follow instructions below continue.

1. Select your video

Choose where your file is. It could be local file, cloud storage file, internet file with URL, even your can record video with 360Converter online recorder. For cloud storage file, from Google Drive and Dropbox, login first then select file.

2. Specify language in video

Specify language in video. What if I chose wrong language? The answer is, our engine still try to transcribe, but transcript will be totally irrelevant.

3. Indicate segment of the video you are interested in

Set start and end time of the video. Make sure the end time you specified not exceeds the length of the video. For paid customer of 360Converter, you can transcribe entire video file.

4. Specify ASR Engine

What is ASR Engine? ASR Engine is Auto Speech Recognition Engine which is running in 360Converter server to serve you to transcribe your file. Currently we provide two levels of ASR Engine, Basic and Premium. For free usage, only Basic can be used; for paid customer of 360Converter, you can use either Basic or Premium. If Premium Engine is selected, you can even specify Content Type, Topic, Industrial and Microphone Distance which help ASR Engine understand your video more, therefore, give more accurate transcript.

5. Wait for your transcript

Once you click 'Transcribe' button, 360Converter will start transcribing your file. Based on how many request before yours, you may wait for while or immediately get your transcript if there is no pending request. Whole process involves two steps: ASR recognition and Punctuation.

6. Get your transcript

Your transcript will be progressively displayed on screen. When it is finished. you may either directly copy your transcript to wherever you want, or send transcript to your email. You can also download transcript in txt, docx, pdf and srt file. You may want to listen and check each word recognized by listening it online and show timestamp of each word by mouse over the word.

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