360Converter provides different kinds of converters, primarily focusing on video, audio, speech and voice to text. You can transcribe video, audio, speech and voice file, which could be local file, internet file, or even file in cloud storage, Google Drive and Dropbox. YouTube video is also supported by simply copying & pasting YouTube video URL. Totally 13 languages are supported at this moment.

The transcript could be retrieved in text file, docx file and pdf file, other than download it directly, you can send it to your or someone else's email box.

Offline Version

As there are too many conversion requests, each user now is allowed to transcribe short segement of file each time to serve as many users as possible. In addition, for sake of user's file privicy, 360converter developed Offline version - 360Converter Offline Transcriber software which could be installed locally in user's computer with which user does not need upload file to somewhere and no need wait in the queue, most importantly, there is no time limitation.

All Converters

Besides the online transcriber mentioned above, 360Converter provides video converter, audio converter, YouTube converter, image converter, etc. For all converters, check Converters.

Video to Text

Convert video to text and transcribe video. Get transcript or subtitle of video file for free. Support local, internet and could storage file.

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Audio to Text

Convert audio to text, transcribe audio. Get transcript of audio file for free. You can transcribe local, internet and could storage file.

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Speech to Text

Convert speech to text, transcribe speech. Get transcript of speech and voice for free. Local, internet and could storage file are supported.

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YouTube Video to Text

This is a handy tool which help you convert YouTube video into text. To start, prepare YouTube video URL you are interested

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Text to Speech

With this tool, you can convert your text file to speech. Currently only English is supported, we are planing to add more language

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Image to Text

We designed this tool to help convert image into text, pdf and doc. We support not only local image file, but also internet file and cloud file; you can upload your local image file to our server, then our server will analysis and convert it to text.

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