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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

1.1 Do I need pay for file conversion?

It is totally free. you convert any of file format, with out any payment.

1.2 Is any limitation?

  • If you a guest, you maximum number of files you can convert in one day is 3, maximum size of each file is 50M.
  • If you a normal user, you maximum number of files you can convert in one day is 20, maximum size of each file is 200M.

1.3 Is my file uploaded kept private?

The file you uploaded is kept during the period that is from the point waiting for conversion to the end of conversion. After that, the file will be clean up completely by system automatically. The result files, is only valid 48 hours, 2 days in system. 2 days later, it is also deleted.

1.4 What benefit it is to be a member?

Be member, you will have more files allowed to convert a day, much more big size is allowed to be converted.

2. Usage

2.1 Failed to convert my file, got error message, 'not supported format'?

Not all formats of file is supported, including conversion, hence, you would got a error message like this.

But we always try to provide the best service for you, so any file format you want us support, just send feedback to us

2.2 Failed to convert my file, no error message there?

We are sorry for convenient caused to you, tell us what has happened to you so that we can better serve you. Just send feedback or us

2.3 I got transcribed text from video that is of very bad accuracy, what should I do?

As processing video/audio data is sensitive, background noises can add extra complexity for conversion. Hence please make sure content in your video or audio only contains human speech without noise or less; and currently 360converter cloud platform not support conversion from song to lyrics; following things you can check when you got bad transcribed text that is of bad accuracy,

  • Choose correct language when submit your request that match the language in video or audio
  • The video or audio you requested is not a song
  • There is not too much noise in your video or audio

2.4 Does 360converter support conversion from 3GP to text?

Yes, 360converter cloud platform can convert 3GP to text.

2.5 What format 360converter provides for result of conversion video to text?

Currently, 360converter provides four formats,

  • raw text, which you copy from result text field
  • text file
  • Microsoft Document
  • Adobe PDF

Besides format above, 360converter can send trancribed text to your email

And if you want other formats beyoud above list, then you can download text file firstly, after that use Document Converter to convert the file to any format you want

2.6 Twice I have tried to convert a YouTube video to text but it just converts 5 minutes. What do I do wrong? I am a member.

Currently all users, including member can only convert 5 minutes each time. But you can convert file multiple times to transcribe entire file.

Later, we may distinguish member from guest - grant more time usage to member.

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