Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Do I need pay for file conversion?

At 360Converter, we offer a complimentary service to our customers, allowing them to utilize each of our services for a specific duration of time at no cost. For instance, you can transcribe a video or audio file up to a duration of 3 minutes without incurring any charges. However, if you require transcription services beyond this allotted timeframe, you have the option to purchase Conversion Points, which will enable you to transcribe longer files.

Is any limitation?

Certainly. Depending on your user status, there are specific limitations in place for file conversion on our platform.

If you are a guest user, you are allowed to convert a maximum of 3 files per day, with each file size not exceeding 50MB.

As a normal user, you enjoy extended privileges. You can convert up to 20 files per day, and the maximum size limit for each file is set at 200MB.

Is my file uploaded kept private?

Rest assured, the file you upload remains strictly confidential within our system. It is retained only for the duration between the initiation of the conversion process and its completion. Once the conversion is finalized, the system automatically performs a thorough cleanup, permanently removing the file from our servers.

Furthermore, the resulting files generated from the conversion process are maintained within the system for a period of 48 hours, precisely 2 days. After this time frame elapses, these result files are also promptly deleted from our system, ensuring their confidentiality and privacy are upheld.

What benefit it is to be a member?

By becoming a member, you unlock a range of advantages that enhance your file conversion experience. Firstly, as a member, you gain the ability to convert a significantly higher number of files per day. Moreover, you enjoy the privilege of converting larger file sizes, enabling you to handle more substantial audio and video content.

In addition to the basic services provided, membership grants you access to advanced features. These advanced services, such as Video to Text, YouTube video to text, and Add Video Subtitle, utilize advanced algorithms to generate more accurate transcripts for your files. This ensures a higher level of precision and quality in the conversion process.

Furthermore, as a member, you have the advantage of tracking your conversion activities. This includes maintaining a detailed history of your transcriptions, allowing you to conveniently review and download them at a later time after logging into your account. This feature enables seamless access to your previously converted files, enhancing overall convenience and organization.

How to delete my account?

To delete your account, please follow these steps:

Please note that 360Converter strictly adheres to a policy where we do not accept Data Erasure Requests or Delete Account Requests from any third party. Consequently, any such request received from a third party will be intentionally disregarded and not processed.

What is conversion point?

Conversion Points are a valuable resource offered by 360Converter to enhance your experience with our services. While we provide a certain amount of free usage time for each service, Conversion Points offer you the opportunity to unlock unlimited access to these services.

By acquiring Conversion Points, you gain the advantage of utilizing our services without any time restrictions, enabling you to fully utilize the capabilities of our platform. Whether you require extended transcriptions, conversions, or other file-related operations, Conversion Points ensure that you have uninterrupted access to these features.

For further details and a comprehensive overview of the benefits and options associated with Conversion Points, we encourage you to explore our Pricing section. Here, you will find in-depth information to assist you in making informed decisions regarding the acquisition of Conversion Points.

Why cannot record audio/video in Safari?

To use the MediaStream Recorder API with Safari, you have to activate the feature from Develop > Experimental Features > MediaRecorder.

Enable Media Recorder in Safari

Online Services

Failed to convert my file, got error message, 'not supported format'?

Please note that our platform does not support all file formats for conversion. Consequently, you may receive an error message indicating the format is not supported.

We constantly strive to deliver the best possible service to our users. If there is a specific file format that you would like us to support, we encourage you to provide us with your valuable feedback. By doing so, you contribute to our ongoing efforts to improve our services and expand the range of supported formats. Your feedback helps us better understand the needs and preferences of our users, allowing us to enhance our platform accordingly.

Failed to convert my file, no error message there?

We are sorry for convenient caused to you, tell us what has happened to you so that we can better serve you. Just send feedback or us

I got transcribed text from video that is of very bad accuracy, what should I do?

As processing video/audio data is sensitive, background noises can add extra complexity for conversion. Hence please make sure content in your video or audio only contains human speech without noise or less; and currently 360converter cloud platform not support conversion from song to lyrics; following things you can check when you got bad transcribed text that is of bad accuracy,

  • Choose correct language when submit your request that match the language in video or audio
  • The video or audio you requested is not a song
  • There is not too much noise in your video or audio

Does 360converter support conversion from 3GP to text?

Yes, 360converter cloud platform can convert 3GP to text.

What format 360converter provides for result of conversion video to text?

Currently, 360converter provides four formats,

  • raw text, which you copy from result text field
  • text file
  • Microsoft Document
  • Adobe PDF
  • SRT file (SubRip Subtitle file)

Besides format above, 360converter can send transcribed text to your email

And if you want other formats beyond above list, then you can download text file firstly, after that use Document Converter to convert the file to any format you want

Twice I have tried to convert a YouTube video to text but it just converts 5 minutes. What do I do wrong? I am a member.

Currently all users, including member can only convert 5 minutes each time. But you can convert file multiple times to transcribe entire file.

Later, we may distinguish member from guest - grant more time usage to member.

Why I need share my file again after I uploaded it 360Converter before?

We don't keep user's file unless user checked ' I grant 360converter to use my data for future ASR system accuracy improvement ' when uploading file. For file holding policy, please read Data Privacy.

What does 'I grant 360converter to use my data for future ASR system accuracy improvement' really mean?

We might retain your data file in future ASR training purpose, which is a process to improve accuracy of speech recognition. Although we will use it for training purpose internally, we won't share those data with any 3rd party.

Offline Transcriber

How many language can I have/install?

Our Offline Transcriber software boasts support for a comprehensive range of 34 languages. Initially, the software comes equipped with one default language for your convenience. However, the language options can be further enhanced based on the type of license you purchase:

  • Standard License: With the Standard License, you are entitled to one language of your choice.
  • Premium License: The Premium License offers the flexibility to add and purchase additional languages as needed.
  • Professional License: The Professional License grants you the privilege of adding any language of your preference at no additional cost.

To make the most informed decision, we encourage you to carefully review the details outlined in the 360Converter Offline Transcriber License. This comprehensive document provides all the necessary information to ensure you select the ideal license that aligns with your specific requirements.

Experience the power of multilingual transcription with 360Converter Offline Transcriber. Simplify the transcription process and transcend language barriers with ease. Obtain your license today and unlock a world of linguistic possibilities.

Can I move license to another machine?

Yes, you can move license to another machine. Since license is bound to a specific hardware, you need our support to generate new license for your new machine. At same time, old license will be revoked.

Can I use a license in multiple machine?

No, the license agreement allows each copy of the license to be used on one computer. Once duplicated license usage is detected, the license will be revoked without notification.

I bought the license, but I didn't receive license. What can I do?

There could be payment issue or failure of sending license code to you. If payment issue, you could contact PayPal; if your payment is successful, you can submit your screenshot of payment to support to ask issuing license for you.

I keep getting the message: 'Failed to initialize model'. How to solve it?

This is caused by corrupted model files or model files were partially downloaded. To fix it, delete model folder, which is

  • Windows
  • C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\OfflineTranscriber\models

  • macOS
  • /Users/[your username]/Documents/OfflineTranscriber/models

then restart OfflineTranscriber. It will restart download the model.

If this does not help, please send screenshot content of above corresponding folder to

Also please send the log file. As to the location of the log file, please read How to Collect Log File.