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Youtube Video to Text Converter

Welcome to YoutTube Video to Text converter page. This is a handy tool which help you convert youtube video into text.

To start converting YouTube video to text, copy and paste YouTube video URL you are interested into following blank field, for example

As there are too many conversion task in queue, you might need wait for while before your conversion start.

During file conversion, any problem should there happened, click 'report problem' to report it to us, we will solve it and deliver a better service to you in future.

As there are too many conversion requests, each user now is allowed to transcribe 120 seconds(2 minutes) each time to serve as many users as possible.

360Converter provides offline transcriber, click here to download it. With offline transcriber(full version), no time limitation any more, no need wait for long queue.

Set the start and end time of duration you want to transcribe, from: to:

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