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To start converting YouTube video to text,

  1. copy and paste YouTube video URL
  2. specify language in YouTube video
  3. indicate segment of video you are interested in
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Offline Version

Experience a seamless and unrestricted transcription process with Offline Transcriber. Our offline version offers an array of advantages, ensuring a convenient and efficient transcription experience:

  1. No time limitation
  2. Enjoy unlimited usage time with the licensed version. Transcribe the entire file without any time constraints.

  3. Local transcription
  4. Your files remain on your computer, eliminating the need to upload them to external servers. This ensures maximum privacy and data control.

  5. Queue-free transcription
  6. Say goodbye to waiting in long queues. With Offline Transcriber, your transcription process begins instantly.

  7. Proofreading capability
  8. Review and proofread your transcript to ensure accuracy and clarity.

  9. Search functionality
  10. Easily search for specific content within the transcript, saving time and effort.

  11. Free editing
  12. Edit your transcript effortlessly, just like you would in a Word document.

  13. Batch processing
  14. Transcribe multiple files simultaneously with our efficient batch processing feature.

  15. Audio recording and transcription
  16. Record audio directly and transcribe it instantly using Offline Transcriber.

  17. Real-time transcription
  18. Enjoy the convenience of real-time transcribing for efficient and timely results.

Discover the unmatched benefits of Offline Transcriber for all your transcription needs. Streamline your workflow, save time, and experience the flexibility of a comprehensive transcription tool. Try Offline Transcriber today and elevate your transcription experience to new heights.

Languages Supported

We support transcription in 35 languages,



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